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Dr James Hawkey

My work is centred on contemporary Catalan sociolinguistics. My interests within this field are broad-ranging, including language attitudes, language contact, sociophonetics, and issues surrounding language and migration.

The common thread that binds my diverse research interests is the pursuit of a quantitative approach to the assessment of language policy. My doctoral work tested awareness of normative varieties of Catalan and Castilian in Barcelona, using empirical methods. My subsequent British Academy / Leverhulme Trust project Sociolinguistic Perspectives of Catalan in France examines the links between language attitudes and linguistic practices, focusing on phonetic and morphosyntactic variation (specifically, the factors conditioning the usage of local or supra-local variants). My current British Academy project European Migration, Language Policy and Small States (PI on project, Co-I: Dr Kristine Horner, Sheffield) addresses questions of how economic migrant communities engage with the 'small' languages of their host countries, focusing on Catalan in Andorra and Luxembourgish in Luxembourg. Quantitative and qualitative methods will be used to assess language policies in Andorra and Luxembourg, thus offering new perspectives on language policy and migration scholarship by focusing on small nations and microstates.

Research keywords

  • (Variationist) Sociolinguistics
  • Language policy
  • Language contact
  • Language attitudes
  • Sociophonetics
  • Language and migration
  • Regional and minority languages
  • Hispanic Linguistics
  • French Linguistics
  • Catalan Studies
  • Andorran Studies