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Dr James Hawkey


I am Director of Teaching for the Department of Hispanic, Portuguese and Latin American Studies.

In 2019/20, I will be teaching and convening the following modules:

  • HISP10016 Close Encounters with Discourse: BA Year 1
  • HISP20088 Languages of the Iberian Peninsula: BA Year 2
  • MODL30015 Sociolinguistics: Language, Variation and Change: BA Year 4

In 2019/20, I will also be teaching on the following modules:

  • HISP10010 Critical Concepts in the Study of the Hispanic World: BA Year 1
  • MODL20016 General Linguistics: BA Year 2
  • MODL20017 Historical Linguistics: BA Year 2
  • HISP30101 Spanish Language: BA Year 4
  • MODLM0002 Cultural Encounters: MA
  • MODLM0017 The Cultural Imagination of Gender: MA
  • MODLM0021 Research Skills: MA

In past years, I have also taught on the following modules:

  • HISP10014 The Making of the Hispanic World: BA Year 1
  • MODL10011 Introduction to the Study of Cultures: BA Year 1
  • HISP30056 Hispanic Sociolinguistics: BA Year 4 (unit convenor)
  • MODL30006 Liaison Interpreting: BA Year 4
  • MODL30016 Sociolinguistic Anthropology: Language, Culture and Society: BA Year 4 
  • FREN30001 French Language: BA Year 4