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Publication - Ms Jana Nahodilova

    Nation in Formation: Inclusion and Exclusion in Central & Eastern Europe


    Baker, C, Gerry, C, Madaj, B, Mellish, L & Nahodilova, J, 2007, ‘Nation in Formation: Inclusion and Exclusion in Central & Eastern Europe’. Studies in Russia and Eastern Europe


    The transitional societies of the former communist countries provide a diverse setting for re-examining the inclusion and exclusion aspects of group formation. Indeed, the transition process fundamentally transformed the 'identity possibilities of the age'. Nation in Formation: Inclusion and Exclusion in Central and Eastern Europe presents a volume of essays located in the constructivist genre of approaches to the study of 'belonging' and in so doing introduces some of the new discourses of nationhood emerging in central and eastern Europe.

    Nation in Formation has been described by independent referees as 'a very interesting collection of papers [with a] good area coverage'. 'The ease with which the authors handle various disciplinary canons of interpretation is impressive' and 'the best situate their interpretations in a general framework of knowledge which makes them of interest not only to East Europeanists but also to general scholars of memory, identity and boundary formation'.

    There are twelve other contributors writing on topics including ethnonationalism in Tatarstan and Chechnya, the concept of turbofolk in Croatia, abortion in Ceauşescu's Romania and the seeds of Georgian feminism.

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