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Publication - Dr Marianne Ailes

    Rome et Italie dans les chansons de geste


    Ailes, M, 2017, ‘Rome et Italie dans les chansons de geste’. in: Maria Careri, Stefano Asperti (eds) Par deviers Rome m’en renvenrai errant’ Atti del XXème Congrès International de la Societé Rencesvals pour l’étude des épopées romanes. Viella, Rome, pp. 1-16


    This was a plenary lecture at the Societe Rencesvals International Congress, introducing one of the themes of the congress. It examine those chansons de geste which are centred on Rome and/or the invasion of Italy by Saracen, at the historical echoes in the narratives, and how the historical memory may have been transmitted, and at the role of the Pope in in some of these texts.

    Full details in the University publications repository