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Dr Paul Merchant

My research focuses on 20th- and 21st-century Latin American film and visual culture, with a particular emphasis on the countries of the Southern Cone.

My recently completed doctoral thesis, 'New Constructions of House and Home in Contemporary Argentine and Chilean Cinema (2005-2015)', explored the political potential of domestic space in recent filmmaking. My new research project examines the cultural significance of the sea in modern Chile, working across a variety of media, from film and digital video to poetry.

I am interested in how cinema relates to other visual media, in the shifting critical frameworks of Latin American studies, and in the intersections between postcolonial theory and the environmental humanities. I am a co-editor (with Lucy Bollington) of the forthcoming volume The Limits of the Human in Latin American Culture, which analyses how discourses of humanism and posthumanism have operated in - and have been shaped by - a wide range of literary and visual cultures in the region.