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Dr Rebecca Kosick

My research is primarily interested how poetry intersects with the visual arts and other media. I focus on the 20th century and contemporary periods and examine literary and aesthetic objects from the American Hemisphere. I have published on such topics as the relationship between participatory poetry and conceptual art in Brazil, the material aspects of translation, and inventive forms of Chilean poetry such as artist books and postcard poems. My research also investigates poetry and art in the United States and Canada, and through my work with the Bristol Poetry Institute, I have growing interests in British contemporary poetry.

I am currently working on two book projects. The first, Word, Image, Object: On the Matter of Poetics in Hemispheric America, develops novel theoretical approaches to understanding poetic objects, language, and matter. In conversation with object oriented ontology and new materialism, this project investigates experimental examples of American poetry that combine textual and material elements (including work by Ferreira Gullar, Ronald Johnson, and Anne Carson). The second project, Poetics Out of Place: Materialities in Transit and Translation, is interested in understanding how poetic matter transforms across media, language, and space. It aims to expand translation theory's enagement with multi-lingustic and multi-media works of American art and poetry by artists and poets such as Cecilia Vicuña and Paulo Bruscky.

I have a background as a poet and translator, and have worked closely with art historians and practicing artists. My research is invested in hybrid creative-critical ways of learning and communicating.