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Dr Ruth Coates


Ruth Coates teaches two undergraduate units on Russian intellectual history: 'The Struggle for Russia: 19th-century Debates on Self and Society' and 'Anticipating the End: Russian Thought in the Shadow of Revolution, 1890-1917'; the unit 'Russian Orthodox Culture'; and the unit 'Dostoevsky'. She also co-teaches the first-year foundational courses 'Understanding Russia: Critical Approaches' and 'Introduction to Russian Literature'.

She contributes to the Russian-language teaching programme at all levels.

At postgraduate level, she co-teaches 'The Rise of the Novel in 19th-Century Europe' (MA Comparative Literatures and Cultures).

She has recently supervised PhD theses on the doctrine of deification in the work of Vladimir Solov'ev and the representation of female characters in early Dostoevsky, and an MPhil thesis on the reception of Dostoevsky in Russian journals of the 1890s. She is currently supervising a project on the reception of St Seraphim of Sarov.