Collaborative and interdisciplinary research projects and events

  • Williams was on the organising committee of the Society for Latin American Studies and co-organiser, with Brown and Crow, of the 46th Annual SLAS Conference (Bristol, April 2010). This major international conference attracted 200 scholars from Europe and the Americas, including Professor Steve Stern, Chair in History and Vice-Provost of the University of Wisconsin (Madison), who delivered the Plenary Lecture.
  • The Bristol Poetry Institute (recently established by John Lyon, English) will see collaboration with colleagues in the School of Modern Languages who are active in modern and contemporary poetry studies: Basker (Russian), Harrow (French), Lombardi (Italian), and Vilain (German).
  • ‘Portraits des peintres, in words and music’: an intermedial presentation, including a piano performance of poems written by Proust in celebration of four painters, for which Reynaldo Hahn provided a musical accompaniment. This project will lead to a web output (Edward Forman, French).
  • Medieval England’s view of its relationship with the East and the comparison with the 21st-century relationship between the West and Islam is a key strand of an AHRC-funded collaborative project on Charlemagne in England (£96K). Marianne Ailes (French) is the co-investigator on this project shared between the Universities of Bristol and Reading.
  • Marianne Ailes is programme director for the MA in Medieval Studies and General Editor of the publications series of the Centre for Medieval Studies.
  • A two-day workshop on interdisciplinary approaches for social history and historical linguistics was co-organised by Nils Langer (with Franziska Loetz, Professor of Early Modern History, Zurich) in November 2010.
  • An emerging research project on the status and use of Bristolian, undertaken by Nils Langer with Tim Shortis and Julie Blake (both KCL) bridges German linguistics and English linguistics.
  • Nils Langer has been principal organiser of the annual HiSoN Summer School on Historical Sociolinguistics (all language specialisms) since 2007, with Schools at Bruges (2010) and on Lesbos (2011).
  • Susan Harrow is a Visiting Scholar and a member of the Expert Panel of the Forum for Intermedial Studies (IMS), Linnaeus University, Sweden.
  • The biographer Julian Evans (former Royal Literary Fellow in the Faculty of Arts and Susan Harrow are organising 'Living Translation', a forum for exchanges between authors, publishers, translators, and readers with guest lecture by the Italian novelist Diego Marani (June 2012)
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