Daniel Thacker

Why did you choose Bristol?

Bristol attracted me due to the variety of opportunities offered by the course, which is more traditional and rigorous than at other universities.

The breadth on offer within the current course structure is impressive and offers students not only the best chance to succeed, but also a more personal element of their degree. No two language degrees from Bristol are the same.

What aspect of the course have you enjoyed the most?

I enjoyed my final-year units the most, while I found the year abroad the most useful aspect of my degree. I also thought the contact and communication between staff and students within the School of Modern Languages was excellent.

How did you spend your year abroad?

I went to Munich in Germany and Bogotá in Colombia on my year abroad.

I worked in Germany, which I arranged myself. But University staff were very efficient in arranging my study placement in Latin America and responded quickly with any queries I had, both before I left abroad and when I was away.

The support systems in place here are excellent, as is the breadth of choice. The year abroad was undeniably the highlight of my degree and is a fantastic springboard for further career opportunities.

What plans do you have for when your course has finished?

I will be returning to the job I did on my year abroad in Germany.

Having a degree from Bristol has certainly helped me to secure work, while the value of a languages degree is, in my opinion and from my experience, higher than ever in today's competitive job market.

Student details

Daniel Thacker, BA German and Spanish (2015).

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