Isabella Craft

Why did you choose the University of Bristol and your subject?

I attended the open day and was really inspired by the students and tutors in the language department, who gave a great overview about what to expect / course options / places to visit on year abroad (Vladivostock surprisingly not a hot-spot for year abroad study?!)

What are the best things about studying Modern Languages here?

Great variety of modules, a lot of scope to research what you are interested in within and outside the outlines of each module

What have you gained (or will gain) from your work placement or year abroad?

The opportunity to immerse myself in two completely different countries and actually live the language, cultures, history, politics, literature that you study at university. The ability to work in ‘challenging’ environments and get used to feeling outside my comfort zone!

How do you think your degree has helped/will help you fulfil your career plans?

Studying languages has proved indispensable to getting my first graduate job. I really couldn’t imagine applying for a job role where foreign languages aren’t utilised or considered an asset.

My degree not only helped me practically – the learning of language – but the knowledge of culture/history/politics/literature of that country aid to build a business network and develop useful contacts (being able to bond on a person to person level). It shows a level of respect and understanding and interest in a person’s native country goes a long way!

What has been your biggest achievement as a student at Bristol? What are your personal goals for the rest of your time here? (This does not have to be study-related.)

Towards the end of my year abroad in Tomsk, finally being able to understand the conversations on the tram between gossiping toothless babushkas – a great sign that my Russian language skills had definitely improved!

Student details

Isabella Craft, BA Russian and Spanish (2015)

Student details

Isabella Craft, BA Russian and Spanish (2015)

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