You are expected to attend all scheduled classes and lectures for your units.  The School’s teaching and learning philosophy is based on active participation in seminars and classes and it is folly to believe you will be able to do justice to your career and succeed in assessments if you skip classes. Persistent non-attendance without an adequate explanation will be reported by class teachers to your personal tutor and if this happens more than once or twice the School’s Undergraduate Officer and Deputy Head, and eventually the Faculty, will become involved.

Absence more than five term-time days

If you are ill for more than a week (5 term-time days), you should obtain a medical certificate and submit this to your School Office; if you have a medical or other condition which causes you to miss classes frequently, you should do likewise.

A medical certificate can be in the form of a letter from your medical practitioner or a University Medical Certificate form (this can also be collected from the School Office).

Please contact your personal tutor and class teachers to inform them if you will be unable to attend their class due to illness. Staff email addresses can be found on the Contact Directory.

Absence up to and including five term-time days

If you are ill for just a few days, or miss a class for some other reason, you do not need to inform the School Office unless you have been expressly told that this is a requirement (for example, if you have been placed on Faculty probation). However, if you are due to contribute to activities in a particular class, e.g. making a presentation, then you should notify the relevant teacher directly by telephone or e-mail as early as possible if you will be unable to attend.


Students who are unable to meet a submission date because of medical or other problems should inform their class teacher. In the case of any formally assessed essay or other work an extension must be requested from the Undergraduate Senior Student Administrator, Lauren Wardle. Individual unit teachers should NOT be asked about extensions.

Students should note that they must apply for an extension BEFORE the deadline for submission, as extensions will not normally be granted retrospectively. If an extension is granted, a new submission date will be set; students will be penalised if they miss this second deadline, unless they have applied for a further extension by supplying evidence of continuing medical problems. Marks will be deducted if deadlines are missed.

Medical notes must be submitted to the School Office as soon as practical.

For further guidance, see the section on medical certification and absence on the Faculty of Arts website.