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Dr Ben Davies


Ben has a BSc (Hons) in Sport and Exercise Science from DeMontfort University, an MSc by research from the University of Bedfordshire and was awarded a PhD from the University of Bedfordshire in January 2014. 

Ben’s PhD explored the associations of physical activity and diet, with a specific focus on dietary glycaemic index (GI), with risk factors for the metabolic syndrome in post-pubertal adolescents. Ben also conducted a collaborative randomised controlled trial with the NHS to assess the impact of a 12 week, low GI, dietary intervention in overweight and obese adolescents who expressed risk factors for the metabolic syndrome.

In June 2013, Ben took up a research assistant post within the Centre for Exercise, Nutrition and Health Sciences, as coordinator of an MRC funded randomised feasibility trial; Action 3:30. In September 2014, Ben joined the Centre for Academic Primary Care, as a research assitant on a NIHR funded randomised controlled trial; The Healthlines study. In May 2015, Ben began working as a research associate, conducting primary care research in the area of avoidable hospital admissions.



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