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Dr Evie Stergiakouli

Dr Evie Stergiakouli

Dr Evie Stergiakouli
BSc(Ioannina), MSc(Lond.), PhD(Cardiff)

Senior Lecturer in Genetic Epidemiology and Statistical Genetics

Area of research

Statistical genetics of complex traits and disorders

Oakfield House,
Oakfield Grove, Clifton BS8 2BN
(See a map)

Tel. +44 (0) 117 3310074

Research summary

My research involves statistical genetics of complex traits and disorders using mainly genome-wide association data from the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC) and collaborating with other groups to achieve large-scale analyses. In addition, I am involved in investigating gene-environment interactions utilizing the rich dataset of environmental factors collected for ALSPAC participants.

I am especially interested in the genetic basis of sex differences in complex disorders, the role of sex chromosomes in sexually dimorphic traits and disorders and developing methods to incorporate sex chromosomes in genome-wide association studies.

The phenotypes that I am interested in include sexually dimorphic ...

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I studied Biology and Genetics in Greece and then moved to London for an MSc in Human Reproductive Biology (Imperial College London) where I first became interested in the genetics of sex differences. I completed a PhD in Psychiatric Genetics in Cardiff University and studied the role of the Y chromosome in sex differences in ADHD and schizophrenia. I also had extensive training in analysing genome-wide association studies and working with large genetic datasets. My research focused mainly on psychiatric disorders and I had the opportunity to study the genetic as well as environmental factors that could be playing a ...

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Recent publications

  • Kraja, AT, Liu, C, Fetterman, JL, Graff, M, Have, CT, Gu, C, Yanek, LR, Feitosa, MF, Arking, DE, Chasman, DI, Young, K, Ligthart, S, Hill, WD, Weiss, S, Luan, J, Giulianini, F, Li-Gao, R, Hartwig, FP, Lin, SJ, Wang, L, Richardson, TG, Yao, J, Fernandez, EP, Ghanbari, M, Wojczynski, MK, Lee, WJ, Argos, M, Armasu, SM, Barve, RA, Ryan, KA, An, P, Baranski, TJ, Bielinski, SJ, Bowden, DW, Broeckel, U, Christensen, K, Chu, AY, Corley, J, Cox, SR, Uitterlinden, AG & others 2019, ‘Associations of Mitochondrial and Nuclear Mitochondrial Variants and Genes with Seven Metabolic Traits’. American Journal of Human Genetics, vol 104., pp. 112-138
  • , , , Demontis, D, Walters, RK, Martin, J, Mattheisen, M, Als, TD, Agerbo, E, Baldursson, G, Belliveau, R, Bybjerg-Grauholm, J, Bækvad-Hansen, M, Cerrato, F, Chambert, K, Churchhouse, C, Dumont, A, Eriksson, N, Gandal, M, Goldstein, JI, Grasby, KL, Grove, J, Gudmundsson, OO, Hansen, CS, Hauberg, ME, Hollegaard, MV, Howrigan, DP, Huang, H, Maller, JB, Martin, AR, Martin, NG, Moran, J, Pallesen, J, Palmer, DS, Pedersen, CB, Pedersen, MG, Poterba, T, Poulsen, JB, Ripke, S, Robinson, EB & others 2019, ‘Discovery of the first genome-wide significant risk loci for attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder’. Nature Genetics, vol 51., pp. 63-75

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