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Publication - Professor Gene Feder

    Domestic violence

    safe and compassionate consultations


    Dowrick, A, Sohal, A, Kelly, M, Griffiths, C & Feder, G, 2018, ‘Domestic violence: safe and compassionate consultations’. InnovAiT.


    Up to a third of women presenting to their GP have experienced domestic violence and abuse (DVA) in either a current or past relationship. It is associated with a wide range of commonly seen medical symptoms. Clinicians sometimes lack confidence in asking about abuse, due to concerns about time, patient safety, how to respond appropriately, and limited knowledge of support services. Addressing DVA can lead to significant improvements in patient health and well-being, as well as rewarding consultations for practitioners. Drawing on research with GPs and patients, this article offers advice about delivering safe and compassionate consultations about DVA.

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