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Dr Heather Brant


I am an academic researcher, a health psychologist and a registered nurse who has a wealth of experience in health service research utilising mixed methods, quantitative and qualitative methodology.

Projects I have worked on include being the project manager and researcher for the Alt-Con project, a collaborative project including researchers from the Universities of Bristol. Oxford, Edinburgh and Exeter. The project was led by Professor Chris Salisbury and aimed to explore the potential of alternatives to face to face consultations in general practice. This 2 year project, fundedby the NIHR HS&DR programme, aimed to learn lessons about the perceived advantages and disadvantages of alternatives to face to face consultations and why these alternatives had not been used more widely in general practice.

In addition I have worked ona study into the stress response in junior doctors, a small project exploring the stress response in young adults from the ALSPAC study, a project looking at attentional bias and its effect on emotional disclosure and an interventional study exploring a tool to reduce distress in newly diagnosed cancer patients. I recently completed a mixed methods study, funded by the NIHR, combining focussed ethnography with value stream mapping to explore avoidable admissions to hospital through unscheduled care but predominantly the emergency department. In particular, how decisions are made whether to admit or discharge patients whose outcomes are initially uncertain.



Bristol Medical School (PHS)

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