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Professor Ikechi Okpechi

Professor Ikechi Okpechi

Professor Ikechi Okpechi
Cert Nephrology (SA), PhD, FWACP, MBBS

Honorary Professor

Canynge Hall,
39 Whatley Road, Bristol BS8 2PS
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Recent publications

  • Bello, AK, Levin, A, Lunney, M, Osman, MA, Ye, F, Ashuntantang, GE, Bellorin-Font, E, Gharbi, MB, Davison, SN, Ghnaimat, M, Harden, P, Htay, H, Jha, V, Kalantar-Zadeh, K, Kerr, PG, Klarenbach, S, Kovesdy, CP, Luyckx, VA, Neuen, BL, O'Donoghue, D, Ossareh, S, Perl, J, Rashid, HU, Rondeau, E, See, E, Saad, S, Sola, L, Tchokhonelidze, I, Tesar, V, Tungsanga, K, Kazancioglu, RT, Wang, AY, Wiebe, N, Yang, C-W, Zemchenkov, A, Zhao, M-H, Jager, KJ, Caskey, F, Perkovic, V, Jindal, KK & others 2019, ‘Status of care for end stage kidney disease in countries and regions worldwide: international cross sectional survey’. BMJ (Clinical research ed.), vol 367., pp. l5873

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