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Dr Kaitlin Wade


Currently, I help teach on a variety of courses run specifically within the Bristol Medical School. These include:

  • Basic Epidemiology
  • Genetic Epidemiology
  • Mendelian randomization

Along with a small group of PhD students and post-doctoral researchers, I organised a new Genetic and Epigenetic Epidemiology short course that we administered in Pelotas, Brazil in March 2015. After the success of this course, I lead the organisation of a similar course (Causal Inference Methods and Epigenetic Epidemiology) that I helped teach on in Mumbai, October 2017.

From its initiation in 2017, I am the co-organiser of one Unit (out of 5) of a new Genomic Medicine intercalated BSc, run for Medical Students at the University of Bristol, which will be run continuously over the coming years.

From February 2018, I am the co-director of the Mendelian randomization short-course run twice a year at the Bristol Medical School. I have also prepared and run workshops in Kyoto, Baltimore and Minneapolis on Mendelian randomization as part of conference and courses.

As well as teaching, I have supervised students for their 3-month miniprojects and am currently supervising a few students for projects within their main PhD thesis at the Bristol Medical School and MRC IEU .