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Dr Lavinia Paternoster

Dr Lavinia Paternoster

Dr Lavinia Paternoster
BSc, MSc(Edin.), PhD

Senior Lecturer in Genetic Epidemiology

Area of research

Genetic Epidemiology of Complex Traits

Office BG6b
Oakfield House,
Oakfield Grove, Clifton BS8 2BN
(See a map)

Tel. +44 (0) 117 3310135

Research summary

I am a Senior Lecturer in Genetic Epidemiology at the MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit at the University of Bristol. My research is focused on the genetic aetiology of atopic dermatitis and related traits.

I am a leading member of the EAGLE eczema consortium, which brings together studies from around the world with eczema and genetic data in order to conduct large-scale research. Our aim is to identify genetic variants associated with eczema in order to improve understanding of the disease and inform therapeutic development. We have published two large genome-wide association studies for eczema, the largest of which (Paternoster et ...

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Selected publications

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Recent publications

  • , Dudding, T, Haworth, S, Lind, PA, Sathirapongsasuti, JF, Agee, M, Alipanahi, B, Auton, A, Bell, RK, Bryc, K, Elson, SL, Fontanillas, P, Furlotte, NA, Hicks, B, Hinds, DA, Huber, KE, Jewett, EM, Jiang, Y, Kleinman, A, Lin, KH, Litterman, NK, McCeight, JC, McIntyre, MH, McManus, KF, Mountain, JL, Noblin, ES, Northover, CA, Pitts, SJ, Poznik, GD, Shelton, JF, Shringarpure, S, Tian, C, Vacic, V, Wang, X, Wilson, CH, Tung, JY, Mitchell, R, Colodro-Conde, L, Medland, SE, Gordon, S & others 2019, ‘Genome wide analysis for mouth ulcers identifies associations at immune regulatory loci’. Nature Communications, vol 10.
  • , , , Ferreira, MA, Mathur, R, Vonk, JM, Szwajda, A, Brumpton, B, Granell, R, Brew, BK, Ullemar, V, Lu, Y, Jiang, Y, Magnusson, PK, Karlsson, R, Hinds, DA, Paternoster, L, Koppelman, GH & Almqvist, C, 2019, ‘Genetic Architectures of Childhood- and Adult-Onset Asthma Are Partly Distinct’. American Journal of Human Genetics, vol 104., pp. 665-684

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