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Publication - Dr Louise Millard

    Reactome Pengine

    a web-logic API to the Homo sapiens reactome


    Neaves, S, Tsoka, S & Millard, L, 2018, ‘Reactome Pengine: a web-logic API to the Homo sapiens reactome’. Bioinformatics, vol 34., pp. 2856-2858


    Existing ways of accessing data from the Reactome database are limited. Either a researcher is restricted to particular queries defined by a web application programming interface (API) or they have to download the whole database. Reactome Pengine is a web service providing a logic programming-based API to the human reactome. This gives researchers greater flexibility in data access than existing APIs, as users can send their own small programs (alongside queries) to Reactome Pengine.

    Full details in the University publications repository