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Dr Narinder Bansal

Dr Narinder Bansal

Dr Narinder Bansal
BSc (Hons) (Belf.), PHD (Manch.)

Senior Research Associate in Primary Care Mental Health

Area of research

Ethnicity and Health

Office BF5
Oakfield House,
Oakfield Grove, Clifton BS8 2BN
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Tel. +44 (0) 117 3310064

Research summary

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Narinder is a senior researcher with expertise in the field of ethnicity and health inequalities. Her research has focused on exploring ethnic inequalities and inequities in a wide range of priority public health areas including cardiometabolic and vascular disease, maternal and child health, cancer and mental health. This includes work investigating disparities in risk factors, markers and outcomes between different ethnic groups in the UK.

Narinder was awarded a MRC studentship to explore the maternal and early life determinants of ethnic differences in cardiometabolic risk as part of her Ph.D. This research produced the first data on ethnic differences ...

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Recent publications

  • Sun, BB, Maranville, JC, Peters, JE, Stacey, D, Staley, JR, Blackshaw, J, Burgess, S, Jiang, T, Paige, E, Surendran, P, Oliver-Williams, C, Kamat, MA, Prins, BP, Wilcox, SK, Zimmerman, ES, Chi, A, Bansal, N, Spain, SL, Wood, AM, Morrell, NW, Bradley, JR, Janjic, N, Roberts, DJ, Ouwehand, WH, Todd, JA, Soranzo, N, Suhre, K, Paul, DS, Fox, CS, Plenge, RM, Danesh, J, Runz, H & Butterworth, AS, 2018, ‘Genomic atlas of the human plasma proteome’. Nature, vol 558., pp. 73-79
  • Tachmazidou, I, Süveges, D, Min, JL, Ritchie, GR, Steinberg, J, Walter, K, Iotchkova, V, Schwartzentruber, J, Huang, J, Memari, Y, McCarthy, S, Crawford, AA, Bombieri, C, Cocca, M, Farmaki, A-E, Gaunt, TR, Jousilahti, P, Kooijman, MN, Lehne, B, Malerba, G, Männistö, S, Matchan, A, Medina-Gomez, C, Metrustry, SJ, Nag, A, Ntalla, I, Paternoster, L, Rayner, NW, Sala, C, Scott, WR, Shihab, HA, Southam, L, St Pourcain, B, Traglia, M, Trajanoska, K, Zaza, G, Zhang, W, Artigas, MS, Bansal, N, Benn, M & others 2017, ‘Whole-Genome Sequencing Coupled to Imputation Discovers Genetic Signals for Anthropometric Traits’. American Journal of Human Genetics, vol 100., pp. 865-884

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