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Dr Oliver Davis

Genetic and environmental data science

Genetic variation affects all complex human traits and disorders. However, which DNA variants affect us and how they have their effect depends on the environmental and developmental context. For example, some genetic influences may be apparent only in childhood, or only in the centre of large cities. Our lab uses emerging technologies to collect, analyse and visualize data from large population samples around the world, exploring the dynamic relationship between genotype and phenotype in humans.

We use techniques such as twin model-fitting and genome-wide analysis of ‘omics data, as well as developing our own new statistical and visual analysis approaches. Recent projects from the lab include studies showing increasing genetic influence across time for cognitive abilities, the spACE project which is mapping the world’s genetic and environmental hotspots for complex traits, and the EMBERS project which is collecting millions of tweets from thousands of participants to track dynamic genetic and environmental influences on mood in emerging adulthood.

Research keywords

  • statistical genetics
  • behavioural genetics
  • genetic epidemiology
  • data science
  • dynamic genetics
  • complex trait genetics