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Dr Peter Tammes


Peter Tammes is a quantitative researcher with a background in Sociology, whose research interests lie in the field of social cohesion and inequality. He applies epidemiological and quantitative methodological techniques using longitudinal data to a wide range of research questions. His key questions relate to (i) Jewish survival chances during the Holocaust, contributing to our knowledge of this very sensitive and dark period in human history (ii) assimilation trajectories of minority groups in Western Europe, in order to better understand assimilation and integration and (iii) the organisation of healthcare to improve the sustainability of the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK, to meet the needs of different patient groups.

At Bristol Medical School: Population Health Sciences, Centre for Academic Primary Care (CAPC), his research on the organization of healthcare focuses mainly on continuity of primary care and medicines prescribing and the impact on patients’ health and healthcare service use. In this work he uses routine/administrative and survey data, including electronic patients’ records and GP-patient survey. His work is published in a wide range of medical journals such as Annals of Family Medicine, BJGP, BMC Health Services Research, BMJ, BMJ Open, Emergency Medicine Journal and The Lancet.

He has been involved in teaching and supervision of undergraduate students in History, Sociology and Medical departments at different universities in the Netherlands and the UK. At Bristol Medical School, he has been a tutor on the Social and Behavioural Science in Medicine course and the Evidence Based Medicine course for first-year medical students for several years.



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