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Dr Peter Tammes

At Bristol Medical School: Population Health Sciences, Centre for Academic Primary Care (CAPC), I am a researcher with quantitative methodological expertise in using routine and individual patient data in primary care research. My interest is especially around primary care service use, and the primary and secondary care interface. Within studies initiated by Prof Sarah Purdy and Prof Richard Morris I focused on the association of general practice characteristics, especially continuity of primary care, with emergency hospital attendance/admission using data from electronic patients’ records and the GP-Patient survey. Currently, I am the PI on a study investigating the impact of the introduction of a named GP assigned to older patients on their continuity of care and emergency hospital admission. Furthermore, I am involved in studies to predict patients most vulnerable to cold weather using primary care data (Prof Morris), and to develop and evaluate a measure of inappropriate polypharmacy in primary care (Dr Rupert Payne). Besides, within CAPC I am a co-organiser of the monthly journal club meeting.

In addition, I conduct follow-up studies on my PhD research on the Holocaust, focusing on differences in survival chances of Jews in the Netherlands related to individual characteristics and contextual factors using original registration lists of Jewish inhabitants in 1941/1942 linked to post-war victimization list and other sources, and on my Veni Fellowship from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) on the position of Jews in pre-WWII Netherlands focusing on assimilation and demographic processes using data from census or local population registries. Another topic of interest is public opinion, such as the Brexit referendum.