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Substance Use, Gambling and Addiction Research (SUGAR)

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SUGAR is an MRC Addiction Cluster based in Bristol led by Professors Matt Hickman, Marcus Munafo, John Macleod and Alan Emond. SUGAR is one of 11 MRC funded clusters.

Our cluster aims to develop public health interventions through understanding better the causal pathways to different substance use (alcohol, tobacco, cannabis and other drugs) and gambling trajectories in adolescence.  This will include analysis of the Avon Longitudinal Survey of Parents and Childbirth (ALSPAC), the largest birth cohort with detailed biological, behavioural and family data from before birth through to late adolescence in the world. The MRC and Wellcome has funded data collection of substance use of ALSPAC participants’ at age 17-20, and the analysis and identification of substance use trajectories or phenotypes during adolescence. Responsibility in Gambling Trust (RIGT) is funding measures of gambling in ALSPAC participants and their parents. Opportunities to measure the consequences of substance use/gambling using routine data obtained through linkage are being explored as part of The Wellcome Trust E-health initiative.

Expertise on genetic analysis is provided by MRC CAiTE (Causal Analyses in Translational Epidemiology). SUGAR also is linked to several UK Public Health Centres of Excellence:- DECIPHer (Development and Evaluation of Complex Interventions for Public Health Improvement) and the Centre of Excellence for Public Health in Northern Ireland NIHR School of Public Health Research.

Addiction research meetings are held as part of Bristol Addiction Research Forum, Mental Health and Addiction Research, Tobacco and Alcohol Research Group and Bristol Neuroscience.

Project director(s):
Professor Matt Hickman
Professor Marcus Munafo
Professor John Macleod
Professor Alan Emond
Project funder:
Medical Research Council