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Epigenetics and Social Science Network

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The Epigenetics and Social Science Network is an ESRC and BBSRC initiative.

The Research Councils provided £3M of funding through grants to eight new projects, which together have formed a collaborative network.

This is an innovative collaboration between biological and social scientists from many disciplines to study the impact of early life experiences on health outcomes throughout our lives. The aim is to facilitate collaboration and communication within the epigenetics community.

The research will look at the complex interactions between social phenomena, human biology and behaviour and has significant potential implications for both life-long health and social policy. Two of the eight projects are led by Bristol researchers Professor Caroline Relton and Dr Laura Howe:

  • Epigenetics: Environment, Embodiment and Equality (E4)
  • Interpreting epigenetic signatures in studies of early life adversity (Interstela)

For further information, see the project's website:

Project director(s):
Prof Caroline Relton
Dr Laura Howe
Project funder:
Liz Green