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Dr Raquel Granell

The epidemiology and genetics of asthma and wheezing in children

Following an undergraduate degree in Math and Statistics in Spain, Raquel completed her PhD in Medical Statistics in Bristol in 2007 on Structural Equations Modelling. Her first post-doctoral research focused on modelling longitudinal patterns of childhood wheeze in the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC); This work culminated with the identification of six wheezing phenotypes from birth to 7 years published in Thorax in 2008, a paper that has been cited over 100 times. In 2010 Raquel was awarded a 4-year MRC population Health Scientist Fellowship to continue her research on phenotypes of asthma. In 2011, she published a follow up paper on the replication/validation of the wheezing phenotypes in an independent cohort (JACI 2011) and more recently the extended wheezing phenotypes from birth till adolescence (JACI 2016). Raquel has also been involved in a number of genetic association studies for asthma, allergic sensitization, asthma and hay fever, allergic rhinitis and lung function. In 2016 Raquel completed a master’s degree in Genetic Epidemiology and Bioinformatics by Cardiff University. She is currently investigating genetic differences among the wheezing phenotypes.  

Research keywords

  • children
  • wheezing
  • asthma
  • allergy
  • latent class analysis
  • genetics
  • gene-environment interactions
  • instrumental variable analysis

Diseases related to this field of research

  • asthma
  • allergy