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Publication - Professor Stan Zammit

    The role of rare copy number variants in depression


    Zammit, S, 2019, ‘The role of rare copy number variants in depression’. JAMA Psychiatry.


    Importance: The role of large, rare copy number variants (CNVs) in neuropsychiatric disorders is well established, but their contribution to common psychiatric disorders, such as depression, remains unclear.

    Objective: We aimed to examine the association between (i) a group of 53 CNVs previously associated with neurodevelopmental disorders, (ii) burden of rare (frequency <1%) CNVs, and depression. We hypothesised that neurodevelopmental CNVs and genome-wide CNV burden are associated with depression.
    Design: Case-control study.
    Setting: The UK Biobank is a sample of ~500,000 individuals living in the UK.
    Participants: We called CNVs in 488,366 individuals from UK Biobank.
    Exposure(s): CNV carrier status.

    Full details in the University publications repository