Microsoft Project & Visio software renewal

Microsoft Project & Visio software is due for renewal and current licenses will expire 31st August 2018, license holders have been contacted and this page provides additional information around the renewal period.

Staff and students in STEM departments have access to this software via the Microsoft Imagine Premium agreement and are not required to respond. If you are in a STEM field and would like this software, please contact the Service Desk.


How do I request a license?
To be included in the renewal you will need to complete the Microsoft form: Microsoft Project and Visio software renewal request form

Is there a deadline for responses?
To be included in the renewal you will need to complete the form by Sunday 12th August.

What are the costs for the software?
The costs can be found on the Microsoft Form: Microsoft Project and Visio software renewal request form

What will happen to my documents?
All of your Project and Visio documents will still be available, but you will lose the ability to edit them.

I only need the software for a few months, can I get a short-term license?
Unfortunately, we are unable to generate short-term licenses.

I recently paid for a license, why am I being asked to pay again?
If you were recently assigned a license you will have been charged a prorated cost based on the expiry date of 31st August 2018, if you wish to continue using the software a new license will be required.

What if I no longer need the software?
If you no longer require this software, no action is needed and your current license will expire 31st August 2018.

A colleague would like to request a license to begin 1st September, can they use this form?
Yes, all responders will have a license purchased for them even if they did not have one previously.

Can I use this form to request licenses on behalf of a colleague?
Yes, please be sure to enter the correct username when completing the form. This is your UoB username that you use to sign into University systems (eg. AB12345 or ABCDE).

What happens if I miss the deadline for responses?
License renewal requests after Friday 10th August will need to contact the Service Desk. We will endeavour to process late requests as soon as possible but cannot guarantee there will be a service interruption.

I received a license when my team moved to New Ways of Working, what do I need to do?
If you received a license as part of the New Ways of Working project, the initial costs were covered by the project. To continue using the software you will need to complete the request form and provide a budget code.


If you have a question that has not been covered here please contact the Service Desk for assistance.