SPSS & Amos Home-use renewal

IBM SPSS & Amos software is due for renewal and current licenses will expire 31st December 2018.

If you are accessing the software on a University machine or via Remote Desktop you will not need to take any action and your access will not be interrupted, if you are using a personal machine you will be required to take additional steps to prevent a loss of access.


How do I renew my current license for this software?

Log into http://bristol.ac.onthehub.com

Select Start Shopping, IBM SPSS and click on the software version you would like
If you are downloading SPSS open the dropdown menu to select your operating system (Windows/Mac)

Select Add to Cart and Checkout to obtain the license key

Finally, follow the installation instructions linked on the page


How do I obtain a license for a different version of this software?
You will need to uninstall your current installation of SPSS or Amos prior to installing the current version.

How do I obtain a license key for a version that is not listed?
We provide keys for the current versions and the UoB supported versions (where different), if you require a license for an alternate version please contact the Service Desk.

What do I do if the license key is not accepted?
First you should check that the versions of the software installed and the license key match. If this does not solve the problem then you can contact the Service Desk including screenshots and details of any error messages received, students of the University can also visit the Student Laptop and Mobile Clinic.