Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching replacing Imagine for Home-use software

Microsoft have recently announced changes to the Imagine Standard and Premium agreements which will take effect from 11th February 2019. The name is changing to Azure Dev Tools for Teaching and this will affect the way in which you obtain the software.

The location you will be able to download the software from is changing; Microsoft Imagine products will now be accessible from an Azure Education platform, the Kivuto platform ( will contain a redirect link. Other items on Kivuto (such as SPSS, Nvivo etc) will be remaining on the platform and be unaffected.

In the new platform, instead of adding software to a cart you will be able to download items directly from the Software tab. If you are having trouble navigating the new platform or find that you are able to access less software after the change you can contact Microsoft directly under the “Student FAQ” tab or contact the IT Service Desk as listed on our help page:

More information on this agreement and the benefits that are offered can be found here: