Adobe Creative Cloud renewal

Renewal information

The University's agreement with Adobe for their subscription products is expiring in March and everyone that has a current licence has been directly contacted by the Service Desk to notify them of this date and to complete the renewal request form.

Users that do not currently hold licences for any Adobe subscription products that would like to be included are also welcome to complete the request form:


For a full list of products available under this agreement please see:

For more information on Adobe products please see the following page:

Single Sign On for named user licences

We will also be implementing Single Sign On for all users of Adobe products with a named user licence under an Enterprise ID. From the renewal date you will be able to access your Adobe software by logging in with your University details after being redirected to the University sign in page featuring an image of the Wills Memorial Building. You may be prompted to select Enterprise ID after entering your email address in the Creative Cloud Application or

Device licence renamed and changed

In addition to the renewal, Adobe are also implementing changes that affect users that have previously requested device licences. These are being renamed to Shared Device Licences and will only be available as a full Creative Cloud deployment at cost of £200.55 per machine.

This means that we are no longer able to purchase single application device licences and if a multi-user machine needs to be accessed you will be required to purchase the full Creative Cloud.



If you have any questions regarding the renewal or changes outlined above please contact the Service Desk: