Dr Andrew Wyatt

Dr Andrew Wyatt

Dr Andrew Wyatt
Senior Lecturer

G.06, 10 Priory Road,
11 Priory Road, Clifton, Bristol
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Telephone Number (0117) 928 8477

School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies

Personal profile

Lecturer at Bristol from 1998; Senior Lecturer from 2005. Associate lecturer at the Open University, 1997-99.


My research is located in the fields of comparative politics, political economy, and South Asian politics/area studies. I have an interest in the topics of parties and party system change, with a focus on the impact of the leadership on change.

In the area of political economy I have completed work on the economic narratives used to construct national identities and justify policy. I also have an interest in the World Bank and have completed research on its support for urban reform in South India.

I have an interest in national and regional politics in India. My work on national politics has covered elections, democracy and foreign policy. My work on regional politics focuses on the southern state of Tamil Nadu where I have looked closely at a range of issues including party politics, religion, and caste.



2010 (with Adeney, K), Contemporary India, Basingstoke, Palgrave.

2009 Party System Change in South India: Political Entrepreneurs, Patterns and Processes, Abingdon, Routledge.

2004 (edited with J. Zavos and V. Hewitt) The Politics of Cultural Mobilization in India, New Delhi, Oxford University Press.

2003 (edited with J. Zavos) Decentring the Indian Nation, London, Frank Cass.

Selected journal articles

2013 Combining Clientelist and Programmatic Politics in Tamil Nadu, South India, Commonwealth and Comparative Politics, 51/1, pp.27-55.

2007 (with M. Vijayabaskar), The Many Messages of Sivaji, Economic and Political Weekly, 42/44, pp. 29-32.

2005 Building the Temples of Postmodern India: Economic Constructions of National Identity, Contemporary South Asia, 14/4, pp. 465-480.

2005 (Re)imagining the Indian (inter)national economy, New Political Economy, 10/2, pp. 163-179.

2004 (with K. Adeney), Democracy in South Asia: Getting Beyond the Structure-Agency Dichotomy, Political Studies, 52/1, pp. 1-18

2002 New Alignments in South Indian Politics: the 2001 Assembly elections in Tamil Nadu, Asian Survey, 42, pp. 732-753.


My teaching interests lie in the area of Indian politics, comparative politics,and South Asian area studies. I am keen for students to analyse and evaluate a wide range of evidence drawing on a variety of methodological approaches to political science.

While the library provides much of the material used in units, I encourage students to make critical use of material posted on the world wide web. I emphasise the importance of study skills such as research methods, essay writing and critical reading. I also encourage students to look at other texts including films. I use a variety of teaching methods in my seminars, and I make use of PowerPoint, video clips, and film clips to illustrate my lectures.

My research on political parties and party systems feature in my first year teaching. My second and final year units draw on my research into Indian politics.

I have taught: Development Studies, International Political Economy, International Political Economy of South Asia and the Dissertation unit.

Currently I teach:

  • 11103 Comparative Government and Politics
  • 29003 South Asia
  • 31563 Contemporary India

Key publications

  1. Adeney, K & Wyatt, A 2010, ‘Contemporary India’. Palgrave Macmillan
  2. Wyatt, A 2010, ‘Party System Change in South India: Political Entrepreneurs, Patterns and Processes’. Routledge
  3. Manikandan, C & Wyatt, AKJ 2014, ‘Elite formation within a political party: the case of the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam’. Commonwealth and Comparative Politics, vol 52., pp. 32-54
  4. Wyatt, AKJ 2013, ‘Populism and Politics in Contemporary Tamil Nadu’. Contemporary South Asia, vol 21., pp. 365-381

Latest publications

  1. Wyatt, AKJ 2014, ‘India in 2013: Braced for an Election’. Asian Survey, vol 54., pp. 151-164
  2. Wyatt, AKJ & Vijayabaskar, M 2013, ‘Economic Change, Politics and Caste: The Case of the Kongu Nadu Munnetra Kazhagam’. Economic and Political Weekly, vol XLVIII., pp. 103-111
  3. Wyatt, A 2013, ‘Combining Clientelist and Programmatic Politics in Tamil Nadu, South India’. Journal of Commonwealth & Comparative Politics, vol 51., pp. 27-55
  4. Wyatt, A 2010, ‘Dalit Theology and the Politics of Untouchability among the Indian Christian Churches’. in: M Aktor, R Deliege (eds) From Stigma to Assertion: Untouchability, Identity and Politics in Early and Modern India. Museum Tusculanum Press, University of Copenhagen, pp. 119 - 146
  5. Wyatt, A 2010, ‘The Enduring Appeal of Populist Leadership in Contemporary Tamil Nadu’. in: P Price, A Ruud (eds) Power and Influence in India: Bosses, Lords and Captains. Routledge, pp. 144 - 168
  6. Adeney, K & Wyatt, A 2008, ‘Ethnicity, Identity and Nationalism in Developing countries’. in: V Desai, R Potter (eds) Companion to Development Studies. Hodder Arnold, pp. 481 - 485

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