Dr Columba Peoples

Dr Columba Peoples

Dr Columba Peoples
Senior Lecturer in International Relations

M.01, 4 Priory Road,
11 Priory Road, Clifton, Bristol
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Telephone Number (0117) 33 11075

School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies

Personal profile

Lecturer at Swansea University (2006-2008); Lecturer at the University of Bristol (2008-2012); Senior Lecturer at the University of Bristol  (2012-present).


My primary research interests are in Critical Security Studies, Critical Theory, and technology and international relations. Within this I focus in particular on how narratives of technological development are employed within the issue areas of nuclear security, ballistic missile defence and space security.


My teaching expertise encompasses the study of the study of international security, critical approaches to security and international theory. I am particularly interested in getting students to think critically about the way key issues in international politics and security are conceptualized and framed, and the practical and theoretical implications that follow.

In 2013-2014 I will be teaching on: POLIM1006 'Security Governance' and POLIM3012 'International Security' (both in Teaching Block 1) for postgraduate students; and POLIM3026 'US Security Policy' for postgraduate students, and POLI31384 'Critical Security Studies' for 3rd year undergraduates (both in Teaching Block 2). 

Key publications

  1. Peoples, C 2010, ‘Justifying Ballistic Missile Defence: Technology, Security and Culture’. Cambridge University Press
  2. Peoples, C 2011, ‘Security after emancipation? Critical Theory, violence and resistance’. Review of International Studies, vol 37., pp. 1113 - 1135
  3. Peoples, C 2011, ‘The Securitization of Outer Space: Challenges for Arms Control’. Contemporary Security Policy, vol 32., pp. 76 - 98
  4. Peoples, C & Vaughan-Williams, N 2010, ‘Critical Security Studies: An Introduction’. Routledge
  5. Peoples, C 2008, ‘Assuming the Inevitable? Overcoming the Inevitability of Outer Space Weaponization and Conflict’. Contemporary Security Policy, vol 29., pp. 502 - 520

Latest publications

  1. Peoples, CL 2013, ‘Introduction: Reading East Asia's Space Security Dilemmas’. Space Policy, vol 29., pp. 95-98
  2. Peoples, CL 2013, ‘A normal space power? Understanding 'security' in Japan's space policy discourse’. Space Policy, vol 29., pp. 135-143
  3. Peoples, CL & Vaughan-Williams, N 2013, ‘Critical Security Studies, Volumes 1-4: Critical Concepts in Military, Strategic and Security Studies’. Routledge
  4. Peoples, C 2011, ‘Security after Emancipation? Critical Theory, Violence and Resistance’. Review of International Studies, vol 37., pp. 1113-1135
  5. Peoples, C 2010, ‘The growing 'securitization' of outer space’. Space Policy, vol 26., pp. 205 - 208

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