Dr Magnus Feldmann

Dr Magnus Feldmann

Dr Magnus Feldmann
Lecturer in Politics

2.6, 10 Priory,
11 Priory Road, Clifton, Bristol
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Telephone Number (0117) 3318248

School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies

Personal profile

Teaching Fellow, Harvard University, 2003-2006; Research Fellow, Program on Justice, Welfare and Economics, Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard University, 2006-2008; Lecturer at Bristol from 2008


My research focuses on comparative and international political economy and on comparative politics (with a special emphasis on communist and post-communist politics and Central and East European politics). In my current work I explore whether the fall of communism has resulted in different 'varieties of capitalism', and I seek to explain both the causes and consequences of this institutional diversity. My research also contributes to general debates about institutional origins, change and reform. In other published work I have studied the politics of international trade and EMU in Central and Eastern Europe.


My teaching interests include international and comparative political economy, comparative politics and research design.

I am currently teaching:

  • POLI31559: States and Markets
  • POLI31383: Democracy, Dictatorship and Post-Communism
  • SPAIM0030: Philosophy and Research Design in the Social Sciences

I have previously taught:

  • POLIM3015: International Political Economy
  • POLIM3025: Comparative Research Design

As a Teaching Fellow, I have also contributed to units on Russian Politics in Transition, Economic Development in East Asia, The Cuban Revolution and The Modern World Economy, 1870-2000.

Key publications

  1. Feldmann, GMA 2013, ‘Coalitions and Corporatism: The Slovenian Political Economy and the Crisis’. Government and Opposition., pp. 1-22
  2. Feldmann, GMA 2013, ‘From the Ruble Zone to the Euro Zone: The Political Economy of Estonian Macroeconomic Policy’. Post-Soviet Affairs, vol 29., pp. 354-370
  3. Feldmann, G 2008, ‘Baltic States: When Stability Culture is not Enough’. in: K Dyson (eds) The Euro at 10: Europeanization, Power and Convergence. Oxford University Press, pp. 243 - 257
  4. Feldmann, G 2008, ‘The Origins of Varieties of Capitalism: Lessons from Post-Socialist Transition in Estonia and Slovenia’. in: B Hancké, M Rhodes, M Thatcher (eds) Beyond Varieties of Capitalism: Conflicts, Complementarities and Institutional Change in European Capitalism. Oxford University Press, pp. 328 - 350
  5. Feldmann, G 2006, ‘Emerging Varieties of Capitalism in Transition Countries: Industrial Relations and Wage Bargaining in Estonia and Slovenia’. Comparative Political Studies, vol 39 (7)., pp. 829 - 854

Latest publications

  1. Feldmann, GMA 2013, ‘Varieties of Capitalism and the Estonian Economy: Institutions, Growth and Crisis in a Liberal Market Economy’. Communist and Post-Communist Studies, vol 46.
  2. Feldmann, GMA 2012, ‘Don’t Forget the Public Sector’. Renewal, vol 20., pp. 67-70
  3. Feldmann, G 2010, ‘Review: Representation through Taxation: Revenue, Politics and Development in Postcommunist States’. Europe-Asia Studies, vol 62., pp. 535 - 536
  4. Feldmann, G 2010, ‘'Review'’. Political Studies Review, vol 8., pp. 128 - 128
  5. Feldmann, G 2009, ‘Review: Varieties of Capitalism in Post-Communist Countries’. Political Studies Review, vol 7., pp. 266 - 266

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