Professor Terrell Carver

Professor Terrell Carver

Professor Terrell Carver
Professor of Political Theory

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School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies

Personal profile

BA Columbia 1968; BPhil 1970, DPhil 1975, Balliol College, Oxford. Lecturer at the University of Liverpool 1975-79. Lecturer at Bristol from 1980, Reader from 1990, Professor from 1995. Visiting Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, 1985-86; Visiting Fellow at The Research School of Social Sciences of the Australian National University; at the Centre for Asian and Pacific Studies at Seikei University, Tokyo, 1991; with the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Tokyo/Kyoto, 1999; Visiting Professor, Pitzer College of the Claremont Colleges, 2003; Visiting Professor, Senshu University, Tokyo, 2006; Sometime Visiting Professor RMIT, Melbourne, 2011-2014; Visiting Professor, Fudan University, Shanghai, 2016 to date. Editorial Commission Marx-Engels Gesamtausgabe, 1995-2004. Assessor, Australian Research Quality Framework, Politics & Social Sciences Panel, 2008; Peer-Reviewer, Excellence in Research in Australia, Politics & Social Sciences, 2012. University of Bristol Research Fellowship 1995-96, 2004-05. Arts and Humanities Research Board Research Leave award 2002-03; Arts and Humanities Research Council Leave award 2006-07. Political Studies Association Executive Committee 2000-16; International Political Science Association Excecutive Committee 2012-16; Program Co-Chair 25th World Congress of Political Science, Brisbane, 2018; Affiliated Professor, institute of International Marxist Studies, Nanjing University; Affiliated Professor, Department of Philosophy, Peking University; affiliate of the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg; recipient of the Charles A. McCoy Career Achievement Award 2015 from the American Political Science Association, Caucus for a New Political Science; Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences.


As a political theorist I have specialised in Marx, Engels and Marxism, and on philosophy and methodology of social science. In particular I have concentrated on textual work in order to raise standards of interpretation. Besides doing my own translations of Marx, I have addressed myself to investigating the exact roles played by Engels in the composition of the Marxian canon and in the interpretative tradition that surrounds it. In doing this I have engaged with deconstructionist and post-modern methodologies, following developments in feminist theory and reception studies particularly closely. Some of my work has employed feminist and men's studies perspectives on masculinities, and I have contributed to the political theory of sex, gender and sexuality, in particular in International Relations, since 1996.

I have researched selected aspects of UK, American, Chinese, South East Asian, Australian and European politics to illustrate what political theory can do. I am co-general editor of three book series: 'Routledge Innovators in Political Theory', 'Globalization' for Rowman & Littlefield, and 'Marx, Engels, and Marxisms' for Palgrave Macmillan, and am also co-editor-in-chief of the journal Contemporary Political Theory. I have been repeatedly re-elected to the Executive Committee of the Political Studies Association of the United Kingdom and have done considerable work to internationalise the profession by initiating and administering programmes of exchange and sponsorship with similar associations all over the world. I have been elected to the Executive Committee of the International Political Science Association, serving as Vice-President for Europe, and Program Co-Chair for the 25th World Congress of Political Science. And I am an Academician of the Academy of Social Sciences.

In 2002-2003 I was funded by the UK Arts & Humanities Research Board to finish my book on how men have presented men as overtly gendered and as apparently de-gendered beings in political theory. Since then I have co-authored/edited (with Samuel A. Chambers) two books (2008) on the political theory of Judith Butler. My latest award (2007) from the Arts & Humanities Research Council has enabled me to prepare a new English rescension of the manuscripts commonly known as Marx & Engels's The German Ideology: Part One, published as a 2-volume (2014) historical and analytical study. More recently I have published The Cambridge Companion to the Communist Manifesto (with James Farr, 2015) and an introductory book Marx (2018) for Polity Press.


Teaching Profile: My teaching interests are in history of political thought, philosophy of social science, gender and feminist theory, International Relations theory, and postmodernism.

I have recently taught or am currently teaching:

  • POLI11101: Political Concepts
  • POLI22201: Interpreting Political Texts
  • POLI30001: Contemporary Feminist Thought
  • POLI31367: Postmodern Political Theories
  • POLIM3016: Gender, Masculinity/ies and International Relations
  • POLIM3024: Discourse and Visual Analysis Research Methods

I am particularly interested in using video to broaden the notion of 'text' and in simulations to broaden the notion of 'experience' in order to help students engage with political theory and practice. In 2003-04 I undertook an innovative student/teacher exchange in physical and virtual reality with an interdisciplinary colleague at Pitzer College, California. More recently from 2007 I have diversified assessment to include 'impersonations' (e.g. of Machiavelli or Marx), visual illustrations of political theory ideas embedded in PowerPoint slides, 'book reviews in the style of a named periodical', research project work in discourse and visual analysis, 'think tank reports', and 'feature articles for a named publication'.

Fields of interest

Marx, Engels and Marxism; Sex, gender and sexualities

Key publications

  1. Carver, T & Farr, J, 2015, ‘The Cambridge Companion to The Communist Manifesto’. Cambridge University Press, New York
  2. Carver, TF & Blank, DW, 2014, ‘A Political History of the Editions of Marx and Engels's "German ideology Manuscripts"’. Palgrave Macmillan
  3. Carver, TF & Blank, DW, 2014, ‘Marx and Engels's "German ideology" Manuscripts: Presentation and Analysis of the "Feuerbach chapter"’. Palgrave Macmillan
  4. Carver, TF, 2014, ‘Men and Masculinities in International Relations Research’. Brown Journal of World Affairs, vol 21., pp. 113-127
  5. Evans, B & Carver, T, 2017, ‘Histories of Violence: Post-war Critical Thought’. Zed Books

Latest publications

  1. Carver, T, 2019, ‘Socializing Knowledge and Historicizing Society: Marx and Engels and the Manuscripts of 1845–46’. in: Martin Kunsch, Katharina Kinzel, Johannes Steizinger, Niels Wildschut (eds) The Emergence of Relativism: German Thought from the Enlightenment to National Socialism. Routledge, Milton Park, pp. 216-232
  2. Carver, T, 2019, ‘Review of: On the Nature of Marx's Things by Jacques Lezra’. Marx & Philosophy Review of Books.
  3. Carver, T, 2019, ‘Afterword’. in: Chris Hudson, Erin Wilson (eds) Revisiting the Global Imaginary: Theories, Ideologies, Subjectivities: Essays in Honour of Manfred Steger. Palgrave Macmillan, London, pp. 175-182
  4. Carver, T, 2019, ‘Whose Hand is the Last Hand?: The new MEGA edition of 'The German Ideology'’. New Political Science, vol 41., pp. 140-148
  5. Carver, T, 2018, ‘21st Century Marx’.

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