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Publication - Professor Yongjin Zhang

    Contesting International Society in East Asia (Paperback edition)


    Zhang, Y & Buzan, B, 2018, ‘Contesting International Society in East Asia (Paperback edition)’. Cambridge University Press


    Bringing together some of the most innovative scholars in both the English School of international relations and East Asian studies, this volume investigates whether or not significant and distinct international social structures exist at the regional level represented by 'East Asia', and what this can tell us about international society both regionally and globally. The book's main finding is that the regional dispute over how its states and peoples should relate to the Western-dominated global international society makes the existence of East Asian international society essentially contested. While this regional-global social dynamic is present in many regions, it is particularly strong in East Asia. This book will appeal to audiences interested in developing English School theory, the study of East Asian international relations and comparative regionalism.

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