Research Facilities

The School has a number of specialised research resources that make it an excellent centre for post-graduate studies.

The School buildings re all within a five-minute walk from the main Arts and Social Sciences Library, where students have access to the help of specialist librarians as well as the resources of the library itself. The Arts and Social Sciences Library has extensive holdings in sociology, politics, international studies and East Asian studies, as well as in areas such as development, gender, and other research areas covered by the School. Other specialist libraries at the University of Bristol, such as the Geographical Science Library and the Wills Memorial Library (with an extensive Law collection), can also be accessed by research students. Information Services provides extensive access to online academic journals and databases as well. The Arts and Social Sciences Library has recently been refurbished and has modern computing facilities. There is also access to a wide range of computing facilities, including databases and a local wireless network, within the various buildings housing the School.

Research students are accommodated in several large rooms within the buildings housing the School, with allocated shelving and a hot-desking system for all students. The rooms are equipped with networked computers and printers, giving all students access to e-mail, computing and the internet. A Faculty team provides technical computing support. Students' rooms have external national telephone lines. The various school building also contain kitchen and common rooms, which are regularly used as informal discussion venues by staff and research students. Photocopying facilities are available in the main school building, shared by staff and research students.

The University offers extensive facilities for language training including English as a Foreign Language courses for overseas students. A wide range of IT courses on various aspects of word-processing, database management and software applications is available from the University Computing Centre. Post-graduate research students also have access to courses on such topics as research grant writing and career development offered by Staff Development.