Research Network on Class and Power

The UoB Research Network on Class and Power is an interdisciplinary collection of researchers from across the university with a shared interest in studying the inequalities, differences and domination flowing from social class. Anchored in SPAIS, but spanning Schools and Faculties across the social sciences and humanities, the aim of the network is to provide a forum for dialogue and collaboration and to forward the distinct ‘Bristol brand’ of research on social class.

Specifically, while there is appreciation for the recent turn toward more ‘culturalist’ understandings of class and the theoretical frameworks they employ, the RNCP believes there is a clear and robust need to balance this with a focus on economic power and disadvantage and the insertion of class within an international perspective, taking in both comparative research and attention to the interweaving of national class systems within global structures of power.

We also maintain links with colleagues working on social exclusion and poverty in the Townsend Centre for International Poverty Research.

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