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For prospective students - please note that the list of units changes every year depending on timetable and staff availability.  

You can find brief descriptions of units on the University Unit and Programme Catalogue.

A sample of more detailed unit guides from previous years is listed below:

2016/17 Teaching Block One units (yet to be updated for 2017/18)
NameDirector(s)Unit guide
POLIM1006: Security Governance Dr Columba Peoples POLIM1006 (PDF, 501kB)
POLIM3012: International Security Dr Eric Herring
POLIM3012 (PDF, 460kB)
POLIM3013: Feminisms & International Relations Professor Jutta Weldes POLIM3013 (PDF, 800kB)
POLIM3014: Theories of International Relations Dr Robert Yates POLIM3014 (PDF, 3,882kB)
POLIM3015: International Political Economy Dr Winnie King POLIM3015 (PDF, 555kB)
POLIM3018: Theories of Development Dr Andrew Wyatt
POLIM3018 (PDF, 621kB)
POLIM0029: Theoretical Approaches in Security Studies Dr Elspeth Van Veeren POLIM0029 (PDF, 977kB)
SOCIM3101: Contemporary Sociological Theory Dr Will Atkinson SOCIM3101 (PDF, 609kB)
SOCIM3107: Theories of Ethnicity & Racism Dr Jon Fox SOCIM3107 (PDF, 668kB)
POLIM0006: East Asia & Global Development Professor Jeffrey Henderson POLIM0006 (PDF, 290kB)
SOCIM0011: Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods in the Social Sciences Dr Paula Surridge SOCIM0011 (PDF, 673kB)
SOCIM0012: Philosophy & Research Design in the Social Sciences Dr Magnus Feldmann SOCIM0012 (PDF, 410kB)
SOCIM0013: Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods in the Social Sciences Dr Therese O'Toole SOCIM0013 (PDF, 710kB)
SOCIM0014: Understanding Culture Dr Raphael Nowak SOCIM0014 (PDF, 682kB)
SOCIM0015: Contemporary Identities and Inequalities Dr Junko Yamashita SOCIM0015 (PDF, 545kB)


Sample of optional units that have been offered in previous years
POLIM0002: Popular Culture in/and World Politics Professor Jutta Weldes POLIM0002 (PDF, 1,065kB)
POLIM0004: Climate Change and International Security Dr Ashley Dodsworth POLIM0004 (PDF, 467kB)POLIM0004 (PDF, 467kB)POLIM0004 (PDF, 467kB)POLIM0004 (PDF, 467kB)POLIM0004 (PDF, 467kB)
POLIM0005: Global Justice Dr Alix Dietzel POLIM0005 (PDF, 335kB)POLIM0005 (PDF, 335kB)POLIM0005 (PDF, 335kB)POLIM0005 (PDF, 335kB)POLIM0005 (PDF, 335kB)
POLIM1007: Conflict, Security & Development Professor Tim Edmunds POLIM1007 (PDF, 555kB)
POLIM2030: Small Business Development Dr Gaston Fornes POLIM20030 (PDF, 181kB)
POLIM2036: Managing & Evaluating Development Dr Gaston Fornes POLIM2036 (PDF, 137kB)
POLIM2048: International Development Organisations Dr Gaston Fornes POLIM2048 (PDF, 178kB)
POLIM3016: Gender, Masculinities & International Relations Professor Terrell Carver POLIM3016 (PDF, 350kB)
POLIM3017: Foreign Policy Analysis Professor Tim Edmunds POLIM3017 (PDF, 418kB)
POLIM3024:  Discourse Analysis Professor Terrell Carver POLIM3024 (PDF, 127kB)
POLIM3030: International Human Rights Dr Ana Juncos Garcia POLIM3030 (PDF, 656kB)POLIM3030 (PDF, 656kB)POLIM3030 (PDF, 656kB)POLIM3030 (PDF, 656kB)POLIM3030 (PDF, 656kB)
SOCIM2127: Narrating the Self Dr Miriam Snellgrove SOCIM2127 (PDF, 289kB)
SOCIM3103: Interpreting Gender Dr Maud Perrier SOCIM3103 (PDF, 328kB)
SOCIM3132: Advanced Qualitative Research Dr Jo Haynes SOCIM3132 (PDF, 218kB)
SOCIM3133: Advanced Quantitative Research Ms Paula Surridge SOCIM3133 (PDF, 420kB)
SPAIM0006: East Asia, Europe & Global Integration Dr Winnie King SPAIM0006 (PDF, 645kB)
SPAIM0009: Nations and Nationalism Dr Jon Fox SPAIM0009 (PDF, 524kB)
SPAIM0010: Care, Labour & Gender Dr Junko Yamashita SPAIM0010 (PDF, 314kB)
SPAIM0020: China's International Relations Dr Winnie King SPAIM0020 (PDF, 495kB)
SPAIM0033: Sociology of Everyday Life Dr Miriam Snellgrove SPAIM0033 (PDF, 463kB)
SPAIM0036: Theories of Violence Dr Brad Evans SPAIM0036 (PDF, 298kB)
SPAIM0042: The Politics of Insecurity Dr Brad Evans SPAIM0042 (PDF, 391kB)
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