Stoke Bishop Active Trail

Stoke Bishop Active Trail

University of Bristol Sport collaborated with the Gardens and Grounds team to create a marked route around the Stoke Bishop residential site. Encompassing all of the residences, the trail explores the stunning grounds on the doorstep of student accommodation. 

Measuring approximately 1.5miles the trail is of mixed terrain, including tarmacadam, gravel apth and grass surfaces. It presents an ideal way to enjoy some fresh air, be outdoors and explore the delightful gardens of the Stoke Bishop residences whether walking, jogging or running.

Routes maps are available in the residences and from the University sports facilities. You can also download a map here.

The route is numbered in a clockwise fashion, but you can start and finish at any point taking advantage of the many walking routes across the site to return home.

Active Trail Challenges

If you are looking for some additional ways to use the trail you could....