Osteopathy focuses on how the musculoskeletal system interrelates with the body as a whole. This holistic approach makes it ideal for treating sports injuries.

Osteopathic treatment is largely hands-on, and may include stretching of shortened soft tissues, specific massage techniques, rhythmic joint mobilisations and joint manipulation.

Osteopathy isn't just for backs

Virtually any sports injury can be helped with osteopathic treatment, including:

  • hip and knee pain
  • hamstring strains
  • calf and shin problems
  • shoulder and elbow pain.

Case study

SMC osteopathy case study (PDF, 130kB)

Telephone/Virtual appointments for patients

With our Clinic closed for the foreseeable future, we are pleased to be able to continue offering advice to our community.  Please get in touch via email if you would like to book a telephone or video appointment with Patricia or Henry, our Sports Physiotherapists. Whilst not being able to offer the same level of intervention and treatment as a full in-person appointment, we hope that this goodwill advice service will offer valuable support to our community.

What to do next…

Email the clinic seh-sportsmedicineclinic@bristol.ac.uk

�� Availablity - we are offering Monday, Tuesday and Friday between 9-17:00 and Wednesday and Thursday between 10-14:00

�� Provide us with a brief description of your injury

�� Provide us with a contact telephone number – we are also offering virtual appointments using Skype.

What to expect...

If you are a new patient to us we will email you a patient form to complete, giving your consent in advance of the appointment.

Your clincian may ask you questions about your lifestyle and ask you to perform some basic movements to help them ascertain the root cause of your problem. You are welcome to send in videos and pictures ahead of your consultation, which may help us.

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