B: Active Community Exercise

B:Active Community Exercise is a supported exercise programme for our local community.  It offers guided classes and support, particularly suited for those with any health issues.

Class descriptions

Gym instruction You can use the equipment in the gym under close supervision from one of our specialist instructors. 

Aerobics In this fun session we put together various dance based moves into a short routine designed to improve cardiovascular endurance, co-ordination and agility. During the class your instructor will offer varying levels of intensity to suit different abilities, from the beginner to the more energetic! In addition, mat based floor work will include core strengthening exercises and stretching (chair based alternatives available). 

Circuits This class takes an interval training approach - exercise stations are set up around the studio alternating between cardiovascular (heart) and resistance (strength & endurance) exercises. Participants spend up to 1 minute on each exercise with a 30 second break in between. The benefit of interval training is that we can work at higher intensities but for very short duration. Everyone can work to their own level, from the beginner to the more advanced exerciser. The class concludes with mat based floor work for core strengthening and stretching (chair based alternatives available).

Move & Tone This body conditioning class includes low impact, aerobics based movement with the option of using light hand weights to increase the intensity. The movements used reflect everyday functional activities – pushing, pulling, reaching and stepping. The pace is slightly slower than the Aerobics session to encourage full range of movement and optimal body alignment. We also use balls and resistance bands to challenge co-ordination, muscular strength and endurance. This is an all round workout which includes some floor based conditioning exercises and stretching.

Balance This session is particularly suitable for newcomers to exercise, especially those who would like to improve their balance or who may be affected by arthritis or osteoporosis. The aim of this class is to help reduce the incidence of falls by improving participants’ balance skills, co-ordination, muscle strength, posture and general mobility levels. The warm up is chair based and there is no floor work involved (chair based alternatives available).

Move & Relax This is a more advanced balance class working on ‘dynamic postural control’, drawing on elements of tai chi, dance, Pilates and yoga. The aim is to improve balance skills, core strength, posture in motion, muscular strength, endurance and flexibility. The class concludes with floor based exercises and restorative relaxation to rejuvenate and refresh.

Swimming Supervised by lifeguards but no instructor.

Aqua circuits A circuit based class in the shallow end of the swimming pool – great fun and suitable for all levels from the less fit to the very fit. We use equipment and the resistance of the water to challenge our cardiovascular fitness, muscle endurance and core strength. A fantastic all round workout without getting hot and sweaty.

Yoga Improve your flexibility, strength and co-ordination as well as learning breathing and relaxation techniques. This class aims to leave you feeling calm, energised and balanced. The class consists of standing postures and mat based floor work (some seated alternatives can be offered). Suitable for beginners to yoga as well as those with some experience.

Spring Timetable

Valid from 14 January B:Active community exercise timetable (PDF, 763kB)

Application form

Please complete and return community exercise application form (PDF, 555kB) to the Indoor Sports Centre reception