Pilates is excellent for back pain (prevention and treatment), body conditioning, physical and mental wellbeing.

Mat-based Pilates

Mat-based Pilates uses a pre-set series of exercises that are introduced weekly with individual variations if needed.

Our classes have a maximum of 12 participants. We cater for those with little or no previous experience of Pilates all the way through to advanced level. If you have little or no experience of Pilates, you need to complete the Level 1 course (1 term/block of classes) before enrolling in the Level 2 class. Normally you would expect to move into a Level 2 class after completing Level 1.

Level 1

An introductory course of classes for those with no previous experience of Pilates. The course will cover the basic principles of Pilates (alignment, breathing, control, etc) whilst preparing the participant for Level 2. The majority of people are able to join a Level 2 class after completing a Level 1 course.

Level 2

For those who have either completed a Level 1 course at the University or have previous experience of Pilates Matwork (a course of ten plus classes is recommended). This level introduces a larger variety of exercises from the repertoire and is structured to suit a mixed- ability clientele.

Level 3

A more challenging level for those who are ready for a faster-paced work-out. This class continues the work already covered in the previous levels but requires more strength, flexibility etc. (n.b. not suitable for those recovering from injury or with a current back problem).

If you require help in deciding which level is appropriate for your needs or you are or have been recently pregnant, please contact the Centre to speak to one of the Pilates team. If unavailable at time of calling, we will arrange for a teacher to contact you.

Important information

  • All classes are for one hour.
  • Courses normally run for between six to ten weeks and usually correlate with University terms.
  • Payment is for the entire course, places booked upon receipt of payment only.
  • Cancellations must be made one week in advance of the start date. After this date Pilates mat courses are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • If suffering from injury, please speak to an instructor before enrolling. An initial one-to-one session may be more appropriate.
  • In the rare event that classes have less than seven clients, we are obliged to cancel them. However, we make every effort to fill classes and offer alternatives if this occurs. You will be fully refunded should this occur.

Class timetables

Download a copy of our timetable: