Game Changers

Game Changers

Game Changers is a unique and award-winning programme that provides training, leadership and volunteering opportunities for students that are passionate about sport, exercise and generally being active! Benefits to you include:

  • The chance to meet a like-minded positive group of students.
  • Training workshops based on vital skills such as teamwork, communication and organisation.
  • A wide range of experiences on offer including sports coaching, event management and community engagement.
  • Dedicated staff members and student leaders who will help you gain confidence and self-awareness.
  • Open to all students regardless of any previous experience or sporting ability.
  • The chance to win 1 of 3 prizes to volunteer overseas in the summer of 2019.

New format for 2018/19

The Game Changers programme works within 4 week blocks, these 4 week blocks will repeat throughout the year to allow students to engage as they wish throughout the year.

The programme will involve;

  • Mandatory Training Modules around Teamwork & Communication.
  • Preparation Modules; preparing students for their volunteering experience.
  • Volunteering; A wide range of opportunity to work across a variety of different organisations (min 10 hours volunteering required).

Take a look at our visual description explaining the Game changers process (PDF, 510kB).


Students pay a one-off £30.00 registration fee upon joining the programme which contributes to the costs of your programme t-shirt and training.

Candidates will then enrol in our mandatory training modules which are fun and practical and will give you the chance to get to know us and other student leaders.

Game Changers Advanced (Optional)

This option is available for those candidates who have competed the Game Changers award. Candidates will re-enter at the Preparation Module phase choosing a module of their choose to then link into their volunteering experience.

Game Changers Overseas 2018/19

We are increasingly trying to develop the offer to our students engaged within our Sport, Leadership & Volunteering offer. 2018/19 will see the Sport, Exercise & Health provide an overseas volunteering opportunity to 3 lucky candidates who have excelled on the Game Changers programme (fully funded).

Bristol Plus Awards

Completing the minimal requirements of our Game Changers programme will give you exactly the experiences you need to achieve the Bristol Plus Award, which is increasingly recognised by many employers through the University Careers Service.

Everything about volunteering this year was enjoyable; the sports I helped coach, the people I met who were so positive and the tutors that assisted me in doing so. The whole group atmosphere contributed to a fun filled experience and was just the family I was looking for.

James Moulder, Game Changer and student staff member
(BA Ancient History, 2017)

How can I get involved?

To register your interest please fill in our online form or contact

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