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Professor of Child and Family Welfare appointed as Specialist Adviser to Parliament

David Berridge, Professor of Child and Family Welfare in the School for Policy Studies at the University, has been appointed as Specialist Adviser on Children's Services to the Parliamentary Education Select Committee.

Select Committees work in both Houses of Parliament.  Their role is to check and report on the work of government departments.  Most Chairs of select committees are elected by their fellow MPs.  The results of these inquiries are public and may require a response from the Government, which then usually has 60 days to reply to the committee's recommendations.

The Education Committee is currently investigating the child protection system in England, which is very relevant to the research and teaching interests of David Berridge and his colleagues in the University's Centre for Family Policy and Child Welfare.

Professor Berridge said: “This is an excellent opportunity to inform MPs about key current issues in the child welfare system and up to date research findings. It can also influence their lines of questioning. The ability to do this is strengthened by the strong academic base here in the School for Policy Studies as well as our many networks with other researchers and children's professionals.”

Further information about the Education Committee can be found on the Parliament UK website.