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Dr Shailen Nandy on CCTV-America in interview about Child Poverty

23 July 2015

Dr Shailen Nandy, Research Fellow in Centre for the Study of Poverty and Social Justice at the School for Policy Studies, was interviewed by CCTV-America about his work on child poverty.

CCTV is the world’s largest television broadcaster, reaching more than 85 million viewers in over 120 countries and regions.

Asked about international trends in child poverty, and strategies to deal with it, Dr Nandy explained how poverty was the greatest threat to child survival, which resulted in children living in dangerous, overcrowded and polluted conditions. He emphasised that children were often the hardest hit by policies intended to stabilise economies in recession, and that one way to reduce poverty would be to ensure the provision of child benefit and tax credits to families.

Dr Nandy is funded by an ESRC Future Research Leader Grant.

The interview is available on YouTube:

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