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ESRC grant success for Professor Marianne Hester

4 September 2015

Professor Marianne Hester wins ESRC grant for project on 'Justice, inequality and gender-based violence'

Professor Marianne Hester, Head of the Centre for Gender and Violence research, has won an ESRC grant worth £780,000 for a project on 'justice, inequality and gender-based violence'. The success of the bid was announced in the grants section of the Times Higher Education Supplement a few days ago.

The aim of the project is to address how “justice” – in its wider sense – is understood, sought and experienced by victims/survivors of gender-based violence (which includes sexual and domestic violence, forced marriage and “honour-based” violence) as well as by key practitioners. Incidents of such violence consistently drop out of the justice system. To explore this “justice gap”, the team will ask questions including: how do victims/survivors and others experience and perceive “justice”, and how does inequality affect access to support pathways and trajectories through the formal and informal justice systems? The researchers will also ask how are notions of empowerment linked to notions of justice and access to justice, how do practitioners themselves perceive notions of “justice”, whether enacted through formal or informal routes, and what would a truly victim-focused justice agenda for gender-based violence look like?

More information on the project will be available as the project progresses on the School for Policy Studies website.

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