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Welcome to a new member of the team

13 July 2017

The School is delighted to announce that Dr Caryn Peiffer joins our Centre for Urban and Public Policy Research in July 2017 as a lecturer in international public policy and governance.

Caryn Peiffer received her PhD in 2012 from Claremont Graduate University, in USA. Prior to joining Bristol, she held post-doctoral research fellowships at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, and at the University of Birmingham. 

Caryn's research mostly focuses on the measurement, causes and consequences of corruption, and on the (un)intended impact of anti-corruption interventions. Her current research projects involve fieldwork or data collection in several countries (Fiji, France, Germany, Indonesia, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, Uganda, UK and the US), and use a mixture of quantitative and qualitative research methods, including original field survey experiments. As Lecturer in International Public Policy and Governance, she looks forward to teaching about international development policy; (bad) governance; and how a range of methodological approaches can be applied to understanding both issues.

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