About our research and funders

The Centre for Urban and Public Policy Research is at the forefront of multi-disciplinary research at the intersection of Urban Studies and Social and Public Policy. The Centre's interests stretch from macro-level questions about societal organisation and supranational institutional structures to micro-level questions such as the inclusionary potential of changing structures for participation in local policy making or the impacts of policy on neighbourhoods and individual households.

With a focus on socially and politically inclusive, sustainable and innovative places to live and work, our particular areas of interest include urban, regional and global governance and institutions, the life-course and social inequalities, urbanisation and urbanism, education, housing, labour markets, the environment and gender equality. Much of our research is international, comparative, multi-scalar and transnational analysis reflecting our interest in the ways in which economic, political and social forces interact to influence policy approaches and development in different settings. Centre staff have active research links with scholars and institutions in Europe, East Asia and Latin America.

The Centre currently hosts the editorial office of two key journals in the fields: Journal of Social Policy and Policy & Politics.

The postgraduate members of our Centre, many of whom are studying topics focused on Europe, Latin America and East Asia, are contributing to take our research agenda forward.

Funding sources include:

  • Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC),
  • British Academy,
  • charitable foundations such as the Nuffield Foundation and Joseph Rowntree Foundation,
  • central and government departments,
  • European Commission,
  • other non-UK funders,
  • a wide range of local bodies.

Find out more about our research on our Centre research project pages and postgraduate research on the school's postgraduate page

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