The University Staff Football Club organise games of 5-a-side football every lunchtime and occassionally meet to play 11-a-side games. The group contains a mix of age and abilities and games are played in a friendly and competitive manner.

Five-a-side football

University staff football has evolved from a long tradition of lunchtime 5-a-side football and we continue to enjoy playing in a friendly yet competitive spirit. Games are now held across all weekdays and between players of a mixed standard.


Games are played during lunchtime hours and are organised by the following members of the group:

Monday - Gareth George/Jen Provis
Tuesday - Jon Jerrome
Wednesday - Tom Richardson
Thursday - James Veale
Friday - Giles Jordan

Game Selection

The organiser of each game sends an email to the mailing list the week before each game asking for interested players to sign-up. If demand exceeds the number of player spaces available, players outside the game line-up will be listed as a reserve and called upon in the event of withdrawals.


Games are played in the Sports Hall at the Centre for Sport, Exercise and Health which contains two 5-a-side football courts.


From October 2017, sports members with an Active 3 sports pass are able to access the sports hall as part of their membership. Non sports members and Active 1/Active 2 sports pass holders are required to pay £5 to the Centre for Sport, Exercise and Health.

Further information on Sports membership can be found on the Sports Membership webpage.

Eleven-a-side Football

We organise occasional eleven-a-side games of football at local venues against teams from other Universities and organisations. For more information, please contact Jon Jerrome


The Staff Football group is open to all staff members within the University as well as Postgraduate students who can sign up to the staff football mailing list.

Subscription information

To sign up to the staff football mailing list or make a enquiry about the club, please contact Jon Jerrome or any other game organiser.